Kelli Engstrom Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kelli Engstrom Photography [email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Tue, 16 Jan 2024 15:59:00 GMT Tue, 16 Jan 2024 15:59:00 GMT Kelli Engstrom Photography: Blog 80 120 What to wear for family photos this summer Planning your family photography session with anyone can be an overwhelming task, but with Kelli Engstrom Photography in Crosslake, MN it doesn't have to be.

Here are a few easy tips on how to plan!

1. Set a date range that will work for the family. If staying at a resort, cabin, vrbo. You want to plan for the beginning of the vacation to account for a rain day. Then contact a photographer to arrange a date. Call Kelli

2. What do we wear? Find a color palet that works with your home. You will want to hang your family portrait on the wall, so planning helps. I always love the example of a beach ball. All the colors work amazing together, so when you plan the clothing you can add anyone of those colors because they match.

Also, go to the paint store and grab a idea book for rooms. They have the main color and then accent color! Bamm You are ready!

3. Have the family photo session!! It is easy as that!

Book your session

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Class of 2020 A look at the the Class of 2020. 

Kelli Engstrom Photography is proud to have worked with Seniors from the following Schools:

Pequot Lakes High School

Crosby-Ironton High School

Brainerd High School

Shakopee High School

Minneapolis - Washburn High School

Southwest High School

Crosslake Online High School

I wish each and everyone one of you the best in your futures.


Class of 2020



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What to do in Crosslake, MN My family had a resort on Island Lake in Crosslake, MN since 1940. It was called "Kent's Atwater". As a young teen, I thought it was so cool to have this part of my story. My grandfather was on the first Baseball team in town and when I had my first son Maverick he was on the baseball team. Crosslake has many exciting stories and things to do. 

You may be new to town as a guest, if so Welcome! We are happy to have you here. Wether your are staying at an VRBO on the Whitefish Chain, a Resort such at Boyd's Lodge or the campground in the heart of Crosslake. Many traditions will be made during your time here.

I want to give you a few places that you MUST visit when you are here for your vacation.

1. Lake Country Crafts and Cones The BEST ice around and 43 different kinds of Ice Cream. 

2. Moonlite Bay.  The place to be since 1933. When you’re ready to break away from it all and blow off a little steam, make it Moonlite Bay, a place where good friends meet and old friends reunite. A kid friendly place you can come by boat, car, snowmobile, or bike! Sit in the air conditioned Inside or enjoy the sun outside by the Deck bar!

3. Crosslake Crosswoods  Best course in Northeast Minnesota for hospitality, playability, and value.- Star-Tribune Golf Guide 

4. Crosslake Coffee. Coffee, tea, scones and more. Walk to Crosslake coffee from anywhere in town to have a friendly and relaxing experience.

5. Zorbaz PIZZA enough said. Zorbaz has been creating amazing pizza since.... a long time! Come by car or boat. Chipz and Salza, Pizza, coctails and more. Large spaces to sit inside and out. Kid friendly!

There are my top 5 picks for some amazing things to do when you visit Crosslake this summer! 

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Family Reunion

Is your family planning a vacation in the lakes area this summer?? Celebrate FAMILY with a location session with Kelli Engstrom Photography. Call today!


[email protected]

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Cheers to Summer

Planning a wedding for 2019?

I am booking now for 2019

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Hello Summer Summer is here. This means we are getting our toes wet in the sand, the sun kissed glow to our beautiful bodies.

There is not a better time to photograph ourselves for the simple pleasure. 





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Happy New Year HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Some excited things are happening with Kelli Engstrom Photography.

Kelli Engstrom Photography will be relocating in 2018!

Effective January 31st, 2018, I have decided to relocate my business back to my home, where my photography career started.

The decision to leave Crosslake Town Square and my studio there wasn’t an easy one, and I will forever miss the daily interactions with my fellow business owners, employees, and the public. As with anything in life, changes occur and as business owner’s we need to continually adapt and change. I have strived to build a reputation of providing my clients with an amazing photography experience and capturing the memories that set them apart from anything else.

Our memories are not captured within a studio, but lived candidly within the beautiful locations that surround us each day in Northern MN.

Kelli Engstrom Photography is excited to continue to support, promote and volunteer around the Crosslake and surrounding areas and wants to thank everyone!


Happy Holidays,



Kelli Engstrom

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Whitney+Justin_Brainerd Wedding  Whitney & Justin. June 10th 2017. The temp was about 90 degrees and God had a great plan. Give Kelli a Diffused Sky with clouds to make sure the Lighting was PERFECT.  And it was. Perfect. The first look was so exciting as Justin walked from the house down the dirt road to get to the hay bail where Whitney was waiting. With his eyes closed they touched hands. The moment he opened his eyes..... Smiles from ear to ear. Whitney was Stunning in her stunning body fit wedding dress. I small bouquet of flowers made sure to not steal the attention from this bride. After doing some great photos with everyone, us girls head into downtown to get some "Bridesmaids" photographs. We went to the church and after an amazing ceremony the party started. Congrats to Whitney and Justin. The best is yet to come!!!!

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Becoming Parrington_Craguns_Crosslake Ben and Andrea met online. With a virtual smile that led into the day that said "I Do".

As like most little girls, Andrea wanted to find the man of her dreams. One who would share her love, her struggles, her passion for things. That all happened after the first date. They new it was meant to be. So dating continued and that lead to the day I got a phone call.

This was the voicemail from Ben...."Hi, can you take photos at 5pom on Wednesday?" I thought it was kind of short and vague. But, I returned the call. 

I showed up on Wednesday to watch and capture the Proposal. Then we did the engagement Photos. 

That brings us to the day when they say "I Do'. The Hot June 3rd that Andrea walked down the cabin steps and walked down the lawn just on the edge of the water. The guests enjoyed champagne, music, and stories of their love. The flowers from Bloom Designs were stunning.


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PIne Peaks Event Center Decorations are a must at your special day. Pine Peaks Event Center has a lot to choose from. Let Kelli Engstrom Photography and Pine Peaks Event Center create your amazing day. Capture it and preserve the moments from it.

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Bailey and Andrew at Manhattans Lodge Bailey and Andrew are a young and IN LOVE couple. These are there moments!!


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Wed, 19 Apr 2017 19:47:43 GMT
"I do" at Maddens The moment Morgan new that he was to have Sarah as his bride was in middle school.

They are now, adults, have careers, appreciation for faith, family and friends. And now they became one in the church.

It was a magical moment to see the tears of joy and love that Morgan had when he took first sight of his princess bride.



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Whitefish Lodge with Carissa and Nick Mr. and Mrs. Micek.

The temps didn't cause anyone to freeze, which is great because we went outside and We were cold...but love shined above that. 
Carissa made a stunning bride with beautiful hair and make done at Studio Posh in Crosslake. The flowers where her own creation and that shows how amazing this woman is.

Nick......What a funny man he is. Jokester above all, and when he gave Carissa the diamond earring......he wasn't joking. He loves her with his heart. 


Mr. and Mrs. Micek



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I DO cowboy style This couple is fly by the seat of their pants. Pull out the guns and lets have a shot gun wedding!!! Mike and Jackie had a wedding that was stress free, happy and down right fun. Pig Roast (I mean a PIG) in a honky tonk barn (Yep, Real BARN), the guns came out (UH-HUH, GUNS) and they partied to the county music!!


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What to wear for your family portrait session Family photographs are SO exciting, almost like the Christmas! But, the question is always asked........

What do we wear Kelli?







Fashions and styles come and go. You want your family photos to be timeless, so it is best to aim for more of a classic look, not one that instantly dates you. Just as we can easily point to wedding photos from the 70’s and 80’s, noting the hairstyles, the frills and lace, your goal is to have this year’s photographs blend right in.

Do you need to update your family portrait? Contact Kelli Engstrom Photography to make your annual Portrait Session!!!

[email protected]





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4th of July

It is almost time to Celebrate with flags, fireworks, RED, WHITE and BLUE. Family and Friends, BBQ and Beer!!


Come to Kelli Engstrom Photography and have memorable photograph taken, printed and stamped with a date


"I am a #crosslaker 2016


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Why Print your Portrait

Calvin has been coming to Kelli Engstrom Photography since he was a wee little dude. He always has a smile, a giggle and nothing but happiness when he comes in to the studio. 

A mother knows the importance of a photograph. 

Calvin will be in print soon, to be remembered always, and in 50 years, Calvin is going to say "Thank You" to his mother for taking time to have his portrait taken and printing it with Kelli Engstrom Photography!! #storytelling #portraits #printyourimage



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Real estate Agents in Crosslake MN

In the last few weeks I have had several Real Estate Agents come to me for their professional portrait headshots because they wanted a more Personal look.  I love that they have realized these photos will follow them for the next few years and how important it is to have a good one!  

Whenever I create a professional or corporate headshot, I always take the time to create an image or series of images that best represent my client and their trade.  

Shooting professional headshots is not as easy as some may think and you cannot simply line up clients like school pictures, you have to take time to craft a quality image.

From the posing to the post production retouch, we handle every last detail.

If you are in need of a headshot Contact [email protected]

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Newborn Olive One month old "Olive" came up from St. Paul, MN just to visit Crosslake Photographer Kelli Engstrom. Capturing these blissful images makes me so rewarded. I know why I am a Photographer. I can capture the beautiful of all different times in ones life. The birth of a baby, a 1 year old, a Senior Photograph, a Family Reuniting, a Wedding to celebrate Love, even a Funeral to celebrate Life.


I do the most important Job one could do. I document life's amazing moments.

Do you need your documented???

[email protected]



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Chris + Elise Wedding Chris and Elise are the most kind hearted souls. The love they have shows in every photograph!! Here is what they had to say about their experience with Kelli Engstrom Photography


Kelli is the most amazing photographer I have ever worked with!  She is so sweet and knows how to make the process fun for everyone!  My husband and I absolutely loved having her do our wedding photos and she did our graduation photos back in the day as well! 



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Andrew + Bailey say I DO at Manhattan Beach Lodge I walked up to the front doors at Manhattan and saw the florals. GOLD. I instantly new the day was going to be one to remember. Wild Daisy of Pequot Lakes made amazing roses into GOLD. Picture perfect for me!

The hotel was filled with stunning men and woman, family and friends ready to watch Andrew and Bailey say I DO.

As I walked in the bridal room I could felt the vibration of love, friendship and excitment. We were on our way to making some moments that were now going to be forever in the record books~

As you look at the photographs from Kelli Engstrom Photography, take in the bride. Princess is only the perfect word for her! She is stunning, a complexion of pale beauty that matches the name of her beautiful daughter Ivory. 

Manhattan Beach Lodge - Venue

Kelli Engstrom Photography - Photographer

Wild Daisy - Floral

Electrifying Dynamics - DJ

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one year old Jacob Take time to tickle,

To kiss and to hung;

Take time to giggle,

To talk and to love. 

Perhaps a photograph 

will soak all the memories

vibrant in your mind.

To tell his story

one day at a time.


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"I Do" at Whitefish lodge

The union between two individuals is always something to celebrate, and a second marriage is no different. I was honored to be with Mary and Donnie as they said "I DO" at Whitefish Lodge in Crosslake, MN. The vibrant florals came from Lili Grass Forals sending out sweet scents. The slight wind outside made the warm weather feel perfect. Photographing weddings is a time for me to experience love, honesty and desire of happiness. My best congrats goes to Mary and Donnie!

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Newborn Baby Willow

Being a photographer is an amazing adventure. One day I will be traveling and seeing heartache and villiages, and then I come back to beautiful Crosslake, MN and photograph a 9 day old beauty named Williow.

Newborn babies give us the hope of new adventure, new life, new challenges. Smiles, tears of joy and at Kelli Engstrom Photography I want each and every newborn baby's parent to see the precious gift they have been given.

Are you going to have a baby? Do you need a shower gift or a newborn baby gift? If so, Contact Kelli Today

[email protected]


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April-showers-are-bringing-May-flowers-CABIN FUN As we wind down the brown months of the year, we are going into the HAPPY days!! Spring, Summer, Fall.  Full of colors and family reunions, beach partys, lake adventures, cabin fun. I am SO excited that the season is looking so amazing. 

With 20 weddings on the calendar, about 10 Family Reunions and Graduation photo sessions.

I want to reach out and remind you to not wait.

Please take time to schudel you Family Session with Kelli Engstrom Photography of Crosslake, MN>

Life is SO short, tomorrow is not today, so take action. Make sure your family moments are preserved forever!!!


Call Kelli 





Talk Soon

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Happy Anniversary 41 years  

I was going thru my facebook page and came across a post I was tagged in! 

I was honored to say the least that the images I photographed at My clients, Cait and Cody's Wedding, brought so much joy to them.

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Hasley


Then, I received a reply from my Clients:

We will never forget your amazing work and generosity, Kelli. 

It was the best day of our lives and your beautiful photographs will make that wonderful day live on forever!


Do you want to make your day the best day. Contact Kelli Engstrom Photography Today 


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Happy St Patrick's Day photos May your luck be as good as this!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake irish luck photography photos wedding Thu, 17 Mar 2016 19:56:32 GMT
Crosslake St Patrick Day Parade 2016 The St Patrick Day Parade in Crosslake is awesome. It is HUGE, 20,000 people here to celebrate.

Good times, Good Food, Good people.  Here are some images for Crosslake Town Square :)

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Most Valuable Memories  


Framed portraits


Pictures arrived from Kelli Engstrom Photography!!! Can't wait to get them up!! Love them! — at Kelli Engstrom Photography.

I love after a photo session that my clients send me displays of the portraits they ordered. Portrait PhotographyPhotos on Clients walls Portrait PhotographyPhotos on Clients walls Portrait PhotographyPhotos on Clients walls Portrait PhotographyPhotos on Clients walls


Photos are known as one of the most valuable memories of people because they are the only ones that guarantee that the events occurred in the past shall remain recorded and displayed on a piece of paper forever. 

Are you having an event at the cabin this summer, let Kelli Engstrom Photography capture the moment, then create the long lasting memory.

So many Options:

1. Framing

2. Canvas

3. Metal stand outs

5. Digital Album for your PHONE - yep I do this!!!


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Business Headshots A couple weeks ago this super amazing woman called and asked if I do business Headshots. You know the ones EVERY one should have on their business card. The one that should be updated every 2-3 years. I said "yes". She came in and we did the shoot. Her girls picked out her outfits, because well, our kids do no best :)

we got done with the shoot, picked out the images and we were happy. Clothing choices? Not the grandest, but she looked great.

The next day she calls and says "I need to come back, I like my pictures, but I should maybe not listened totally to my kids. 

We redid the images and WOW!! What a change.  So lets give you some guidelines to follow and to think about.


Do you need a business headshot? Contact Kelli Today i[email protected]


  • Avoid big prints and busy patterns
  • Different necklines will change the apparent shape of your face. Bring a variety different shirts/blouses to see what works best
  • For a no-jacket casual look, bring various colored blouses - ideally darker than your skin tone
  • Be stylish and fashionable, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry
  • Sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your shoulders/arms. Consider bringing items with a variety of different sleeves

Remember: Select and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Select something that makes you look and feel good.



  • The standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie
  • A casual business look is often a jacket and open dress shirt, shirt and tie (no jacket), or dress shirt on it's own
  • Polo shirts are a good look for some businesses. Be sure the shirt is in good condition and fits well
  • For a no-jacket casual look, bring colored shirts - ideally darker than your skin tone
  • A white dress shirt by itself is a bad idea - unless you plan to wear it underneath something (jacket or sweater)
  • Bring a few different jackets, shirt colors and ties so we have choices for the photo
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Matt and Carol are Engaged Matt pulls into the Studio Posh hair salon, with her dress, to get his hair cut because she asked him too! So amazing. Carol just had her hair done by Studio Posh and looks stunning!

Carol and Matt love to wear rubber boots and go hunting. Work on the yard and play with their lab. 

Carol put on her favorite sun dress, even though it is February. It is 50 Degrees....WELCOME Spring. We pull into one of their favorites spots on the river in Fifty Lakes, MN. And just looking at these images I was able to capture their true love.

I told Matt and Carol to FEEL their love. Feel the connection, think about the first date.

Here is how they look when they felt their connection!!! Magical

Do you know someone getting Engaged or Married . CALL Kelli Today 


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Ski Hill Engagement Session: Amy and Brandon SKI GULL and the ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Things I love about this couple

1. so up for adventure

2. SO excited about doing stuff that is "not the ordinary"

3. Happy just to be together

4. Have had journeys in life that led them to each other

5. Will splash in the rain for me one day:)


Do you need engagement photos taken? Contact Kelli Engstrom today



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From growing up together…to growing old together: Molly & Kevin Molly and Kevin have a love story that shoots out for READ ME!! This is a great exert from their wedding blog.

From growing up together…to growing old together

We met back in high school during our freshman and junior years. It didn't start your traditional boy meets girl way…and we have not been traditional ever since! It has been an incredible, crazy, and insightful eleven years since that awkward teenage meeting. We have had the chance to witness monumental moments and watch each other grow up into the people we are today. Stronger than ever, we continue to make each other better every day. It has truly been an amazing journey so far and we have only fallen more in love as the time passes.


I was so excited to find out they choose ME to photograph their wedding on July 16, 2016 a Pine Peaks Event Center in Crosslake. We had not met, only spoke on the phone. We hit it off and she said "we choose you". I met them on Saturday Feb 20 to photograph their Engagement photos. It was like we already new each other. 

Leading me to a point of how important it is to feel the connection with your vendors. Trust, Respect, Value, Excitement

Did you just get engaged or know someone who has?

Contact Kelli Engstrom to talk about your upcoming wedding 




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Engagement: BRIDES & Grooms Happy Engagement! 

I remember a few years ago, the day after Valentines day, getting a call from a "day old" Bride.

She was ENGAGED, she was about to start the journey of "Planning The Wedding!" She was so excited!

To some this may be an easy task, to some this may be one of the biggest challenges they have had. 

Today, I am here to say: "sit back and take a deep breath"  It will be perfect. One way that you can ensure that it goes well is to hire

professionals that know what they are doing and do it often. 

I know it is nice to cut corners, save some money, the end of the day. A professional is one for a reason. This is what they do.

Contact Kelli Engstrom Photography. Kelli will document your wedding and make your day one that will always be remembered!


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Newborn photography-Baby Boy  

When I had my first baby, I remember holding him so close that I didn't believe I could love something this much. The smell, the touch, the soft skin that he had. WOW. Thinking about it bring me back to that moment. 

Photographing a newborn brings me back to that moment every time. I get the chills, the heart beating fast and the pure joy of how much a gift our children are.

after 20,15, or even 1 year, to be able to go back to that moment of innocense is why taking a newborn photograph is SO important. They will never, ever be that innocent, sweet, tiny again. Every day they gain an ounce, then they change looks. And time moves on.

Call today to set up a photography session for your beautiful Newborn.

Contact Kelli 


Do you know someone who is expecting? Have them Contact Kelli Today



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LIFE, Inspiration, Teenagers Raising kids is hard. I say that because I did not get the book at the hospital! I hope that all children big and small will understand that they are amazing, it is that simple. They are strong, independant and have so many gifts. They are UNIQUE

The cycles that we all race thru are crazy and I do remember some of it. I do know that life is short, it is to short to regret, be mad, think negative thoughts, be unhappy.

Do what you WANT, live how you WANT, don't please anyone but yourself. 

I want to share this list from a blogger that I have found. He gives me inspiration and an upbeat feel. 

Life is a rush and we are living in a frantic tempo. Not because we want to, but because the majority works that way and we just go with the flow. However, we can divide and let go of things that prevent losing our minds.
One person is composed of things he does and does not do. Those things define our actions and how we formulate our thoughts in actions. 

Sometimes we have bad habits and mindset that we are not aware of.
We will focus on the things we can let go of to start with the relaxation and start walking the path of the Zen.

1. Let go of comparing

Comparing is taking the uniqueness of every individual to a level where he is no longer the only one. Along with comparing we convince ourselves that we are not unique and that we possess things as everybody else. Measuring our attainments or character with others will not bring any good nor will direct us on the path of the Zen.

Let go and relax the mind.

2. Let go of competition

Competition is a good thing when we approach it Zen-istic. The competition of bettering ourselves and being better than yesterday should be one of the main goals on a daily bases. Competition should be replaced with awareness. It is okay to know what other people or other firms are capable of, but don’t face that as a cold blooded game. It’s you process rather than they.

3. Let go of judgments

These cursive things are not needed in any case. Judging people is lame, poor and initiating a sign of how low we can go. Never judge people. That’s what the lowest class of people do and I know that no one wants to belong there, even the ones down there if they were aware of it.

4. Let go of anger

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger is destructive. There is no other way to explain that toxic emotion. If we are not in control of it, it will make us do things that we may regret for the rest of our lives.

Take control over anger and you will see better results.

5. Let go of regrets

Regret has nothing to do with anything. We just feel it because we thing we did fatal mistake while there is no such a thing. There are things to learn from rejection if that’s the reason to regret something.
Mistake is a lesson. Plug that in your mindset.

6. Let go of Worrying

As fear is imaginative, worrying is something that we create with the bad part of the brain. Worrying that your kid is too late to come home will do nothing if you don’t go and do something about it, while in most cases he is young and walking around the neighborhood with his friends. There is no place for worrying if there is action and rightful decisions.

7. Let go of blame

Blaming is the easiest way to get out of trouble. We give the hot stone to another person. We are a team and when a team fails, it’s not the problem of one, but of all. We need to start function as a whole and keep supporting our mistake with fixes. Until then, blame will stay as a bad solution to every problem.

8. Let go of guilt

As blame, guilt is the outcome of a possible mistake. If you start to feel guilty about something, it’s time to take course of actions and fix the problem or whatever the reason for guilt is. We don’t even need to start feeling guilty to acknowledge that the weight in the soul is dragging us down unless we do something to lift it up and throw it away.

9. Let go of fear

Fear is a stimulant. In most cases toxic.

The reason I said in most cases because we usually forget to divide fear and danger.

An unrealistic perception of life is the bases of fear. People are not willing to live; people are not willing to die. The fear is simply because we don’t live in a realistic life, but we are living in our mind. Fear is always about what is going to happen next. That means fear is about things that do not exist.

On the other side, the realistic things such as energy and matter, danger is very real.

10. Have a proper belly laugh at least once a day (especially of it’s about your inability to let go of any or all of the above).

When we’re able to laugh at our problems, we automatically win causing our problems a funny way to solve them.
By being aware of the things above we will start to change our momentum situation, even if it takes time to do that.
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Children Photography with Adele and McKenna Words that describe these amazing girls that came into the studio today for there 2 and 5 year old session!!

1. FUN

2. Single Lady (we danced to this)

3. Silly

4. Cute as a button

5. Cheerful

6. Excited

I get so excited when I am around such excitment. Little blue dresses and then the bold pinks! LOVE IT



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Wedding Planning

 Planning a wedding is a BIG deal. Think about this.....You are planning a celebration that is going to show what you are your fiance are about. You want the day to be perfect!!

So here are some ideas to make that happen

1. Relax and enjoy the ride

2. Start with the basics: 

  1. What time of year do you want to getting married
  2. Where do you want to get married? Inside or Outside
  3. Hire a photographer that you are excited about working with and love there work
  4. Have your hair and makeup done to look like you
  5. Have flowers that make a statement (but not overdone)
  6. Get a wedding Album to remember the day!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Tue, 02 Feb 2016 15:36:17 GMT
Happy New Year 2016 The year 2015 was a life changer.

New adventures, sad goodbyes, and abundance of change!

I opened a 1200 sq ft storefront in Crosslake Town Square and now have a Photography Boutique!! I feel honored to have the amazing business's around me to invite me to the square. I have a big Red KE outside the door to welcome everyone. With all the new found space, I am happy to say it feels like home. Kids come in with smiles as they play with the toys and the parents smile because their Children are!

I photographed amazing couples and families. Happy and sassy Seniors and sleepy Newborns.

2016 is going to be great. 

Life is an adventure!!!!

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Pine Peaks Event Center Aug 1st: Chris and Ashley - Chris and Ashley. 

Fun, Exciting and Breathless. 

The day was perfect with a slight refreshing breeze and a royal blue sky and

evergreens as a back drop for the garden ceremony. Chris did not see his stunning

bride until Ashley’s father walked her down the aisle. In front of family and

friends they said “I DO!” and the celebration began.

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake family lakes photography pine peaks wedding Thu, 27 Aug 2015 15:18:14 GMT
Grandchildren at the Lake


Spending summer weekends with the grandkids is so important. Take time to have your portrait taken so you will always remember the moment.

Summer is still here and there is still time. Call today 

Kelli Engstrom 


[email protected]

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family lakes photography portraits Thu, 27 Aug 2015 14:55:04 GMT
Newborn Photography outside,

Enjoying the dock, the green grasses, the wonderful smell of summer. Declan was 5 days old and being loved much by the two older siblings :)

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family lakes newborn photography portraits Thu, 27 Aug 2015 14:44:59 GMT
Senior Photography - Crosslake




Being a graduating kid mean you get to show off what you do!!!!

Your Style, Your Look


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Photography Senior chain crosslake whitefish Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:34:22 GMT
PIne Peaks Event Center July 4th 2015

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake family lakes photography portraits wedding Fri, 10 Jul 2015 17:53:53 GMT
Mother and Daughter Love Mothers and Daughters- Nothing else to be said



[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Fri, 10 Jul 2015 17:52:14 GMT
Paula and Spencer

Nailing it. This couple looks, acts and presents themselves with style and grace. I was so excited when we meet. No stress, just love in the air.

The wedding with at Pine Peaks event center

Mauceris catering

Kelli Engtrom Photography

Reeds Bakery


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) wedding pine peaks Fri, 10 Jul 2015 17:50:52 GMT
Whitefish Lodge in Crosslake

Crosslake holds amazing weddings,  Jamie and Dijon made there special moments happen at Whitefish Lodge. The day was perfect, a little rain, but nothing dampened the love they showed to each other

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) whitefish properties wedding 2015 photograph Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:43:23 GMT
Children Photography

Some many great spots to photograph kids, but what really makes the photo??

The kids and the excitement about the session.


I have that covered. Call Today

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Family Reunions at Breezy Point

Breezy Point host fabulous Family reunions. 

Dinners, Tea Parties, Golf, Swimming, Talent shows and most importantly the Photograph to capture it.

Contact Kelli today to set your date !!


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family lakes portraits Tue, 30 Jun 2015 12:46:17 GMT

Reflecting back to images is something that I just love to do. This little Penny just makes me smile. Pretty in Pink!!!!

Reflecting back is easy with this image......because I have it.


Schedule your child's One Year Photo so you can also reflect back to those innocent days!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) one year old photo crosslake studio photography Tue, 26 May 2015 10:03:31 GMT
What to wear for your Senior Photo Session Wear at least 1 classic, timeless outfit


 Feel free to dress up a classic outfit with trendy accessories or shoes, etc.

After you take your classic photos, feel free to choose a more trendy, “all you” outfit.

Girls: Wear your hair and makeup naturally.


Guys: Make sure you are clean-shaven (or with freshly-groomed facial hair)


Bring your personal props!


 Don’t be afraid to tell us what you want.


 Be comfortable in your setting: Location shoots!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake graduation lakes photography portraits seniors wedding Mon, 18 May 2015 01:36:07 GMT
Bridal Party and Bridal Portraits It’s important to have a traditional photo of the bridal party and the Bride. 

After all, how often do you see everyone dressed up and looking their best?  Probably not more than once every five years, if that. 

But who says all bridal photos have to be the all the groomsmen on one side and the bride’s maids lined up on the other side? 

There are definitely times when it’s good to think outside the box, and this is one of them.  

So you take a bit of creativity and add a dash of fun and come up with a great photograph!  Of course, it’s important that the bride and groom take center stage.  Other than that, it can look like complete chaos.  Well, maybe not chaos, but a scattering of couples here and there, all having a good time celebrating this momentous event.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) breezy Point crosslake family photography portraits wedding Tue, 12 May 2015 22:14:38 GMT
Breezy Point Resort Weddings

You don’t’ have to go to a tropical island to have a destination wedding.  The magical appeal of the sun setting behind the ocean and the sound of waves crashing on the beach definitely adds to the enchantment of the wedding day. 

But you can get that all right in the Brainerd Lakes Area!  The luscious green in front of one of the area’s prime lakes makes the ideal romantic setting and a wedding that will be remembered by everyone for years.

What better way to start a new life together than standing on a dock, enjoying the breeze off the lake and looking at your spouse for the first time as your lifetime partner?  The setting along the lake is ideal and will make for incredible photos and great memories.     

Getting married along one of the Brainerd lakes makes it easy for family and friends to attend.   And it will be easy to come back year after year and recall those fond memories.  


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Floral Hair Salon Wedding Photography breezy point resort lakes photography wedding Tue, 12 May 2015 21:59:39 GMT
Class of 2015 How time travels so fast.

Moms remember when the kids get on the bus for the first day of Kindergarten, then they loose a tooth, then they get a job, then they have a date and then they graduate!

Congrats to the Class of 2015

May you all succeed in your next journey!!

Best Wishes Kelli Engstrom Photography


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To Ten Things to do This summer in Crosslake  
The Top Ten Things Your Family Should Do in the Lakes Area This Summer!!
10) Sit around a fire
9)  Chase each other around in gokarts
8)  Play mini-golf
7)  Go see the turtle races in Nisswa
6)  Hike or bike on the Paul BunyanTrail
5)  Watch fireworks over a lake
4) Build a sand castle
3) Take a kid fishing
2) Take the family to one of the area’s great 4th of July parades
1) Get a family portrait taken in one of your favorite spots!
Call Kelli Engstrom Photography today to schedule your appointment
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Bridal Dress Brides spend hours, and even days, to pick out the perfect dress for the wedding day.  The dress is a stunning gown and   highlights the beauty of the bride.  A lot goes into that perfect dress - patterns, intricate design, beading, sequins, and even the fabric are all special features that the bride notices, but can get overlooked in the overall hustle and bustle of the wedding day.  

A special photograph can capture all of those intricate details and those fine points of the dress that made it the perfect gown for this lifetime event.  

Kelli Engstrom Photography #photographer #crosslake

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake dress wedding wedding dress wedding photographer Fri, 17 Apr 2015 17:46:40 GMT
Family Photography What’s your favorite memory of when your kids were young? 

Was it the afternoon when you were making cookies and the kids got flour all over the dog?  

Or maybe it was the time you were all eating ice cream cones and the kids laughed hysterically when they saw the white ice cream mostache on your face?


And don’t forget about the time you were building sand castles at the lake on the perfect summer afternoon.

Those family memories are priceless.  Don’t let another year go by without getting everyone together and having a family portrait taken!  Family portraits don’t huffy to be stuffy.  Your favorite beach or park where you’ve enjoyed picnics or outdoor excursions make a great backdrop. Plan today before these kids get any bigger.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family lakes photography portraits wedding Tue, 14 Apr 2015 18:01:06 GMT
Eyes of the bride breezy point resort weddings
The eyes have it.  There is nothing that shows more expression than a person’s eyes.  A bride has a lot of thoughts going through her head, what can go wrong, will someone drop the wedding cake, will something  make a loud noise during the wedding ceremony.  And sometimes she just stops to take a breath and reflects on the day and how she and her groom are making a loving commitment to each other.  The eyes of this bride are soulful and deep while she pauses from all of the pre-wedding jitters and realizes she is about to marry her best friend.
[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) breezy point resort bride crosslake. eyes photography wedding Mon, 13 Apr 2015 12:29:23 GMT
Crosslake Weddings - The FUN part of the day CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING

Welcome to CROSSLAKE

Weddings can be months of preparation!  When the actual wedding day arrives, stress levels can be pretty high.  Photos taken in “fun” situations will help take some of the stress off and make the day more enjoyable.  Your photographer will have some great ideas on how to lighten up the mood.  Are you in a wooded area?  A group shot of the wedding party hiding behind trees will make a priceless memory. In the lakes country there is an abundance of docks and piers.  Line up the wedding party and tell them to be lighten up and be amusing.  Is there a rock wall nearby?  Have half the wedding party sit on the wall and the other half poking their heads up behind them.  Make it a great and unforgettable day.

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake fun location moonlite bay pine peaks event center wedding whitefish chain whitefish lodge Mon, 06 Apr 2015 12:29:51 GMT
St Patrick Day in Crosslake! MN What a Spectacular Weekend in Crosslake, MN.

The Crosslake Chamber and the St Patrick Day Committee put on a amazing parade.

The People, the Weather, the Floats, Beer Gardens, Music and the entertainment.

We have parades for the kids and the night life for those who dare!!


Thank you to everyone who made this a success,

A0149 ROBE MBR LOT103 MAINA0149 ROBE MBR LOT103 MAIN 20161207_RC82641-1-normal20161207_RC82641-1-normal Nutcracker Blue CastNutcracker Blue CastDarrell Hoemann/Champaign-Urbana Ballet
during a rehearsal of CU Balllet's production of the Nutcracker at Krannert Center on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.
LBHS_143LBHS_143 Story-LM_2096Story-LM_2096 A0097 SWEATER CA LOT102 MAINA0097 SWEATER CA LOT102 MAIN Buffalo Wedding PhotographyBuffalo Wedding PhotographyA reception for a zombie themed wedding in Buffalo, NY IMG_0286IMG_0286 _MG_2220_MG_2220

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Brainerd Lakes Area children crosslake crosslake chamber family lakes photography portraits wedding Mon, 30 Mar 2015 22:07:22 GMT
What to wear when you have your ONE year old photos taken

Little girls are so pretty in pink. Make the day perfect. 

Headband, Tutu and Pearls



[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) one year old Girl children Crosslake Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:42:20 GMT
One Year Old Kallie

Being one is fun and when you are this cute… is priceless


Come to Kelli Engstrom Photography in Crosslake to experience the beauty of being ONE


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children children photography Crosslake Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:39:48 GMT
Jean and Rob - Breezy Point Resort Jean and Rob. 

Again, the theme of Best Friends. These two let nothing get in the way. A stormy, cloudy, windy day gave way to sun beams shining in at the couple as they said their vows in the "Back up ceremony site" the "Lakeside Ballroom"

It was PERFECT!!!

Breezy Point is wonderful inside or outside. Golf Course, Water, Ballroom!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Breeey Point crosslake lakes photography wedding wedding Photographer Thu, 08 Jan 2015 17:48:54 GMT
Jenna and Corey at Pine Peaks Event Center Best friends is the theme this year. I have seen so many weddings, 17 to be exact, and all the couples are Best Friends.

This makes me think alot about what weddings are about. Love, compassion, giving, and receiving.

Jenna and Corey…….Soul Mates

Alice & Jed Sudeley Castle-225Alice & Jed Sudeley Castle-225

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) best children crosslake friends lakes life love mates soul Thu, 08 Jan 2015 17:42:10 GMT
Wedding - Ryan and Chelsey


True love.

When I met Ryan and Chelsey, you could see it. The smiles, lthey aughed and they loved every moment.

That is what couples strive for.

Finding that person that is their Best Friend. Best Friend Forever. 

That you can see is what Ryan and chelsey are.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) love peaks pine wedding Wed, 07 Jan 2015 02:22:05 GMT
What to Wear for your Fall Photo Session Some of us can dress for a photography session and not blink an eye. They have ideas, outfits to choose from, color palets…..andd then there is ME>

I am the worst when it comes to style. I love to photograph the subject, but designing the outfits……I let savvy girls do that.

So, what to wear. 

Here is some tips when you head to Kelli Engstrom Photography for your annual FALL photo session in Crosslake, MN. Home to beauiful lakes, trees and backgrounds. Be here all my life, I know the great spots and where and when the sun falls on those beauiful trees.


1. Keep it simple

2. Add only one pattern to add some pop

3. Use a paint sample from the hardward store. They all ready did the work, now, find the palate that you like and match your clothing colors to it :)


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake family lakes photographer photography portraits Thu, 02 Oct 2014 23:24:09 GMT
Family Reunions when was the last time you had a family portrait taken…..

what will you show your grandchildren about your youth…..

what will you remember your family by…...

Family portraits are more that a portrait. They are memories of what we were. Today is Today and Tomarrow is Tomarrow. We need to preserve today!! Schedule the portait session with Kelli Engstrom Photography. The cabin, The lake, The Home you love, The park, The field….

What do you love…..

How do you want to be remembered…….


Kelli Engstrom photography…… photographer in the Brainerd Lakes Area kephoto (1 of 9)Family PhotographyKelli Engstrom Photography…..Brainerd Lakes Family Photographer kephoto (1 of 9)Family PhotographyKelli Engstrom Photography…..Brainerd Lakes Family Photographer kephoto (1 of 9)Family PhotographyKelli Engstrom Photography…..Brainerd Lakes Family Photographer

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake family lakes photographer photography portraits Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:40:13 GMT
Cody and Caitlin WED August 2 Kelli Engstrom PhotographyCody and Caitlin wedding Pine Peaks Event Center August 2, 2014 Kelli Engstrom PhotographyCody and Caitlin wedding Pine Peaks Event Center August 2, 2014 The world gained an amazing couple on August 2, 2014. Cody and Caitlin wed at Pine Peaks Event Center. It was stunning. Cait is a elegant, laid back hockey fan. She and cody did NOT see each other before the wedding, they did however get to hug, squeeze, hold. With closed eyes.

We started with individual of the bride and the girls. Then we went DOWN, the stairs, and their were the guys. Playing pool, having a couple drinks and watching TV. Totally typical on a wedding day LOL

It was time for Cody to see his princess, but not before the secret service aka ring bears, came to bring the rings. 

Then, she appeared, stunning. Took our breath away.

They said " I DO" (yelling fashion)


and then DANCED the night away. 



[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) brainerd area wedding photographer crosslake lakes photography wedding Fri, 22 Aug 2014 02:35:28 GMT
Engagement Session with gretchen and pat  

TRUST: You have to trust that your client trusts you! Trust, is part of wedding photography!

Gretchen and Pat. I am so lucky, after gretchen did lots of research (she is a realtor !) Gretchen found me, Kelli Engstrom Photography in 2013 to photograph her wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center in 2015. I met up with Gretchen and Pat, not ever meeting before (but already booked the wedding and she trusted me) and we were a match. The Engagement session was amazing. We hopped around 4-5 different spots and captured the moments, the looks, the image!!!! The wedding is slated for Sept 2015 at Pine Peaks, and I am so excited to be working with such a great couple.

Artnak-Everett WeddingArtnak-Everett WeddingPhotos by Chris Moncus Photography

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) brainerd lakes wedding photographer family lakes photography wedding Mon, 18 Aug 2014 20:12:59 GMT
Commerical Headshots - Business HEADSHOTS for your Business!!

Most do not realize how important a Professional Headshot is.

This is one thing that you as a business professional should not skimp on. This investment is worth every penny, it is the difference between someone choosing you or your competitor!! 

Make is a Great Day

Kelli Engstrom Photography

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) brained business business headshots crosslake photographer photography Thu, 14 Aug 2014 18:20:37 GMT
ZACK - Senior Photography in the Brainerd Lakes Area Some graduates come far, and I am lucky to have local kids too. Zack is a well mannered, great kid. Poliete and ready to hike trails, jump a few fences to get the shot!!!

Never photographing any senior the same is something I really enjoy. Everyone is different, the image must be too!!

Kelli Engstrom Photography - Brainerd Lakes Photographer Kelli Engstrom Photography of Crosslake, MN Senior Photography - Pequot Lakes High School Senior

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Senior Photography crosslake pequot lakes high school portraits Wed, 13 Aug 2014 00:33:09 GMT
Katie Senior Photography Session - Twin Cities Graduates come to the Brainerd Lakes Area - Crosslake - to get their senior photographs done. WHY?? IT is so beautiful here. I love to be able to capture these individuals where they are most comfortable….."At The Lake"

Katie is from Totino Grace High School  Kelli Engstrom PhotographySenior in Tall grass Kelli Engstrom PhotographySenior in Tall grass

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) brainerd Lakes Photographer crosslake photographer photography portraits Tue, 12 Aug 2014 21:47:40 GMT
Senior Photography Session - Southern MN kephoto (1 of 38)Senior High School PhotographsBrainerd Senior Photography in Crosslake , So beautiful, coming all the way from the Twin Cities to capture the beauty of Crosslake. We had so much fun going to different locations that we could capture who she is. Cousins came with to help with the touch ups and swat some bugs….Perfection!!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Graduation photography brainerd Photographer senior Tue, 12 Aug 2014 21:39:12 GMT
Newborn Baby Boy

Moments like this, are a treasure. Newborn photography is a treasure in itself. I am creating a moment that will never happen again with the parents and their newborn. Capture these memories with a photograph.

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) boy newborn tattos crosslake Photographer Fri, 25 Jul 2014 02:10:49 GMT
Summer Enjoyment

Summer friends on Crosslake

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) summer 2014 Crosslake Crosslake Photographer Sun, 13 Jul 2014 17:18:55 GMT
Family Photographer in Crosslake





Kelli Engstrom photography creating your heirloom of family

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) family family reunion portraits whitefish chain crosslake Family Photographer in Crosslake Sun, 13 Jul 2014 17:16:20 GMT
Newborn Perfection

Newborns are amazing. Capturing little maddie in the bunny suit that was hand knitted was a great moment, for me and mom!! Big sister Jenna thought that is was pretty cute too. Great background and flooring from Denny Manufacting helped me capture this image. Along with my amazing Canon 5D MK III

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) newborn maddie newborn girl canon Denny mfg Tue, 08 Jul 2014 23:12:00 GMT
Cory + Erica Wedding in Crosslake Up North Wedding at PIne Peaks Event Center Up North Wedding at PIne Peaks Event Center Up North Wedding at PIne Peaks Event Center Rooney-6203Rooney-6203


Rain or Shine is what they said!! Erica and Cory captured thier day with both. If was sunny, rainy, windy, sunny again!!! The day was nothing but perfect.

Venue: Pine Peaks Event Center

Photography: Kelli Engstrom Photography

Flowers: Bloom Design

Hair and makeup: Captivating Beauty

DJ : Party Entertainment



[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Captivating-Beauty outdoor pine peaks event center Tue, 01 Jul 2014 18:48:44 GMT
Sarah and Tyler Wedding Sarah and Tyler were amazing in the backyard Hallbeck Pad!! The country wedding proved perfect as the dragonflies came out, the  Sun shined and Photographs captured the beauty  and the magic of the day. Jenkins, MN home for the Hallbecks!!


Sarah + TylerWedding in Northern Minnesota, Country Style

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake photographer photography wedding Tue, 01 Jul 2014 15:55:48 GMT
Tiny Toes at Ruttgers on Bay Lake

Tiny toes made way to a family reunion at Ruttgers of Bay Lake. Even though it was a very chilly day, this 9 month old showed me her toes and smiles. Family Reunions can be 4 people or 400 people. Kelli Engstrom Photography can create an heirloom for your family. Any resort, and lake home!! My studio too.


Family Reunions - Heirloom of your family

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) vacation ruttgers outdoor family bay lake Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:33:54 GMT
Senior Photography in Nisswa MN

Seniors photography is about capturing the graduate in a photo that show who they are. Kelsey loves horses, and I was able to capture the side of her that tells the world she loves horses too.

Kelli Engstrom photography, capturing graduated moments showing who they are.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) senior horse grad Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:31:44 GMT
Alyssa + Ben are Engaged

Alyssa and Ben are going to soon marry at Pine Peaks Event Center in Crosslake. I am so excited to be part of their day. 2014 is so special for so many people in the Crosslake, MN area. Wedding Photography is what I do that helps me create this moment in time!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) kimbell lake pine peaks engagement Wedding Photographer Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:30:06 GMT
Family Reunions in Crosslake

Family Reunions are a perfect way to capture your family at this moment in Time. Sundance Condos of Whitefish Properties is a perfect spot to make the reunion photograph with Kelli Engstrom Photography of Crosslake happen!!


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) sundance ridge family reunion whitefish properties crosslake Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:27:52 GMT
Alicia + Eric Wedding at Whitefish Lodge in Crosslake Beautiful Crosslake, MN again hold a wedding for an amazing couple. They had their first look at each other with Kelli Engstrom documenting at Whitefish Lodge.   Joining hands at Crosslake Lutheran Church with amazing family and friends. Beauiful flowers by Wild Daisy and stunning hair and makeup at Studio Posh.

Alicia and Eric had a picture perfect day and the memories are going to last forever in their minds becuase of the photographs that they have to remind them. Eric and Alicia WeddingBeauiful wedding in Crosslake, MN Eric and Alicia WeddingBeauiful wedding in Crosslake, MN Eric and Alicia WeddingBeauiful wedding in Crosslake, MN

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Kelli Engstrom crosslake lakes pequot photography studio posh whitefish lodge wild daisy Sat, 14 Jun 2014 13:59:12 GMT
Sarah and Eric at Breezy Point A beautiful day it was on May 31st as Sarah and Eric made the promise to one another that they love and cherish. The weather in Breezy Point was perfect, the sun shone and the rain held off just enough to say I DO and then it poured. Mother nature has a way of telling us how the story is.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) area lakes photographer wedding Fri, 13 Jun 2014 23:00:40 GMT
Crosslake School Archers GOOD LUCK Crosslake Community School Archery Team. Going to nationals in Kentucky!!! You make us proud Akris_17SB055Akris_17SB055Akris Womenswear Backstage, New York, Spring/Summer 2017.
Copyright James Cochrane September 2016.
Tel +44 (0)7715169650
[email protected]

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Wed, 07 May 2014 15:27:37 GMT
Crosslake School Spring Photos Crosslake Community School has an amazing group of students, staff and families. I am once again amazed at how great they all are. Spring Photos were fun, great to see how the kids have grown since Fall.

What is Crosslake Community School….. A private school without the price tag!!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) Wed, 07 May 2014 15:25:58 GMT
Just For Kix Spring Show
Great action caught at the Pequot lakes High School for the Spring Dance Show

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake dance photographer photography sprots Thu, 01 May 2014 00:28:40 GMT
Pequot Lakes High School Softball 2014 Good luck to the Pequot Lakes High School Softball Team.

It was a pleasure to work with you all this year.

Pequot Lakes SoftballVarsity

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) events sports Thu, 01 May 2014 00:23:28 GMT
Commercial projects Because I live in the north woods, I am able to vary the projects I do. Last week on the day of the "Snow Storm", seriously, it is April.

I photographed a few pieces for a catalog and It was really fun to mix up the photography knowledge!!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) commercial crosslake photograph pine product river wood Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:45:54 GMT
Speaking Opportunities - 4H

I always thought of myself as a not very good speaker, but last night, I did it.

I spoke to a 4H group and their parents and I was not nervous, I was inspired!! I was inspired that these kids want to learn my craft. The 3rd - 9th graders wanted to know how I got to the amazing spot I am in. I was inspired!! 

Education is probably the one item I think that with in any craft we forget. People don't think they need to learn. I am super excited about my future as a educator to my photography craft.

My photography  inspires me to create memories for families that they will only receive in that moment. The moment I click the camera. The thought, the effort, the excitement I have when I click my shutter, is why I am a photographer.




[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family graduation lakes photography portraits Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:40:24 GMT
Breezy Point Figure Skating Figure Skating 2014 Thank you to the Breezy Point Figure Skating club for having Kelli Engstrom Photography come and create moments that these skaters will always remember.

Skaters from Pequot Lakes, Crosslake, Fifty Lakes, Nisswa, Brainerd, Baxter, Merrifield. These little skaters show lots of talent and next time they skate, you should come and watch. 

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) crosslake photography portraits Sun, 06 Apr 2014 16:39:54 GMT
Pequot Lakes Prom 2014 PROM 2014 - Diamonds, dazzels, gowns, heels, tuxes, flowers

Prom is about the High School moments of dancing, friends and laughter. It was fun!!

To see all the images from the night, go to Prom 2014

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) graduation lakes pequot prom Sun, 06 Apr 2014 16:00:48 GMT
Beautiful Geneaveie This beauty and her BIG sister came over on Sunday for a Geneaveie's first photo shoot. At 6 days I think this beauty did Amazing. Thank you Mrs. Berglund for the beautiful hat and blooms. Newborns are so special. Each one is different and each one is unique. I am blessing each time I am able to photograph one.


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) (Crosslake Photographer) children crosslake family Mon, 24 Mar 2014 17:55:00 GMT
Elite Classic AAA HOCKEY While in the Twin Cities, I was able to catch a few Classic Elite AAA Hockey Games. Maverick played for the NORTH Peewee Major team. They went 2 Win and 2 Loss. Lots of fun for us to hang out in Blaine. 

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) AAA Hockey Maverick Mon, 24 Mar 2014 17:53:34 GMT
Engagement Session at the Guthrie Theater Congrats to Tiffany and Ryan whom are getting married this summer in Crosslake. BUT, they decided to let me see the city of Minneapolis!! 
On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Guthrie Theater and the Stone Arch Bridge to do the engagement photographs. This couple is both City and Country!!!                     

  The TheaterEngagement at the Theater

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) cities couple crosslake engagement photographer portraits theater twin wedding weddings Mon, 24 Mar 2014 17:50:29 GMT
Crosslake Community School - Portraits Creating school portraits has been a joy for the last 10 years. I have had the privilege to work with the Crosslake Community School, which having children and living in a small community gives me great joy.

Crosslake Community School is a school of 138 children grads K-8 and next year we hope to add Intro to K and 9-12 Online High School.

Giving children the ability to learn in a non traditional schooling system is amazing and rewarding. Our teachers know the students and the way they learn.

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake photography school Thu, 20 Mar 2014 15:18:44 GMT
EXCITING I am so excited to give a trial run on my new website. Kelli Engstrom Photography. is still on the old site and www.kelliengstromphotography is on the new site.

I will have it all transferred over soon, but till then…..Enjoy the warm weather that is coming into minnesota!!

[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children crosslake family photography portraits Sun, 09 Mar 2014 02:09:00 GMT

Just wait a bit longer and my new site will be up and running 


[email protected] (Kelli Engstrom Photography) children photography studio Thu, 25 Jul 2013 22:52:29 GMT